Jan 27


Hi I love you I always have and always will. This post is about exercising in winter months. As many people know, fitness is important, but when it’s cold outside you might not always feel like dancing or eating froyo etc. “How the h*ck am i supposed to go on, Jasmine,” people say to me in a very worried tone. “I’m very cold and don’t have any fitness tips; where have you been”

k i am here now

Everyone knows that fitness is very important, but did you think about exercising your mind? Mind exercises are very good for your health, and you don’t have to move at all in fact it’s very simple. I do them all the time, which is why I haven’t had time to post. Doctors have always said that the brain is the biggest muscle in the body but we will never know for sure because how can you even look inside your body it’s physically impossible. But mentally, it’s possible to look inside yourself. Do you see now? The brain is a miracle. My friend Clara is a doctor and I think she would agree with this. Brains are so important, and often neglected in fitness regimes.

A good way to start your winter exercises is by reading a book or watching a movie. A very good resource for this is instantwatcher.com. Of course it is a good idea to vary your routine if you can, which is why I am reading a Buffy comic book! 

If you have any more questions feel free to comment or send me a private facebook message if you are feeling shy.  |・ω・`) 

Here is a pic of me with my homegirl.


♥, jasmine

Nov 20

(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 hi

Ew, guess what! You’ll never believe it but I was going hard in the pit. Ya I was totally going crazy in the pit, everyone was like “wow I think a beautiful princess is here let’s get out of her way so she can peacefully mosh with plenty of space also her sweater is very pretty I bet she will lead a successful life someday and make her parents proud I can just tell.”

Lol dummies that didn’t happen, of course. Everyone was really pushing me and sweaty and they smelled terrible also my parents hate me lmao. Moshing is good exercise but it comes with repercussions so I am writing some tips for you. Wow I’m a really good friend maybe you should get me a present it’s the holiday season after all. (`・ω・´)”

Anyways everyone was pretty much a really cool person. SIKE everyone was lame as hell duh. I went to see Mykki Blanco and Death Grips so everyone there was naturally a nerdy white boy trying to pop off but maybe like you guys should first work on popping off your zits. Haha but really like just think about it. Everyone was just going buck wild taking off their TCF bank U of M hoodies and talking about Pitchfork Media or science homework or something. The show was really fun though it has been a while since my last concert. I guess technically my last experience with moshing happened during my last kawaii fitness post at CMJ, which was also seeing Mykki Blanco but at 285 Kent and not the Magic Stick. I tried to buy a t-shirt to support her but like they didn’t have a size XS oh well. <( ̄︶ ̄)>

Anyways even if you’re not a lil petite princess moshing can make you become one. Pretty sure I burned a lot of calories, maybe one hundred thousand million. Even if you’re not thin tbh who cares  because we’re all humans trying to make it in this crazy world. Hehe I’m tired and going to bed now.

♥, jasmine

Oct 21

♬ ♩ ♫ ♪ ☻ (● ‘∀ `●) ☻ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

Hmm yes wow I had the best weekend ever tbh. I went to CMJ on Wednesday and almost immediately a ton of hotties in cool bands asked me for my number. “Oh my gosh Matt Mondanile,” I giggled while the buxom dreamboat from Real Estate/ Ducktails smothered me in rare orchids and blue diamonds and demo tapes. “Teehee it is cute that you are spending all your tour money on presents for me but I’m too young to settle down. Oh jeez now here comes the #1 babe Sam Ray bringing me Japanese candy please go away Matt I am very busy.” Flirting is great exercise and as everyone knows, I am an expert. 

Anyways there is more to life than hotties; I also visited my friends; it happens to be a coincidence that they are all hotties. Actually I can only associate with hotties because I break out in hives when I’m around ugly people it is very dangerous for my health. Sorry if I sound mean but I’m never mean I just have a rare skin condition. (✿ ♥‿♥) 

I stayed with Jed on Wednesday and we went crazy at the club, popping bottles, making it rain, all the ladies dancing upon my lap, free drinks the whole night, lots of boys crying because I wouldn’t kiss them. “Literally I’m so sorry,” I said, kicking them off me with very strong powerful legs because walking in New York is hard and has made my muscles more firm. “I mean what showcases are you even playing? I can’t kiss you right now, maybe when you become more popular and good-looking.” 

Haha okay then I stayed two nights with James and it was so fun aka we drank Stoli ginger beers and went to 285 Kent a lot. Dancing the night away was very good for my health and fitness! Of course the Ad Hoc showcase was very special to me; I met a lot of url cuties IRL and reunited with some of my favorite people. Lotsa hugs lotsa high fives. I was front row for Mykki Blanco and it was amazing, she was beautiful, she lit up the stage, it was magic. 

Hmm this is only a brief synopsis but I am getting tired and beauty sleep is a crucial part of my fitness regime so I have to go now, talk to you soon, love ya.

Here is a cute pic of Mykki doing fitness. 

♥, jasmine

Sep 9


Huzzah! I went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday, it was a swashbuckling good time. “OK Jasmine,” you say, “Swashbuckling is not exactly historically accurate, it’s more of a pirate thing.” To that I say hogswash, matey, because literally I saw at least 20 pirates at the festival, and anyways everyone is just trying to have some fun, why don’t you just relax, it’s better for your health and fitness to feel relaxed and not so stressed out, jeez, you should know this by now.

Anyways I expected to like be kind of amused by the festival but not that excited, because as everyone knows, I am the #1 Cool Girl around here, and a Renaissance Festival doesn’t seem very hip or anything, but wow!!! I loved it. Everyone was wearing elaborate costumes and there was a mermaid exhibit and a bunch of rides and cool shops. I almost bought some elf ears before I remembered just in time that I am a cool girl. Also, I used to have a HUGE crush on Lorenzo de Medici based on a BBC documentary, so being at the festival reignited old flames. Speaking of flames there was a guy wearing very minimal clothing that was doing a performance with flames! It was exciting and I was worried about him but I was also pretty content and happy because I was eating my first turkey leg. Turkey is a source of protein, and without protein we can’t have health. 

Drinking is also really healthy, I had 3 glasses of wine including mead. Tom got really drunk and started flirting with this 80 year old dulcimer player (a female one), but I didn’t even get jealous because I had just bought spider earrings and sword earrings so I was busy admiring myself. It was one of the best days I’ve ever had. :’)

Here is a picture I took from the Renaissance Festival. Sorry the quality isn’t great; I was using a camera phone.  

♥, jasmine

Aug 13


ooooo I had a really fun weekend. I went to Chicago it was a blast! The drive was pretty long but I didn’t even complain even though I drove the whole time. It is very exhausting to drive many hours but when you have nerves of steel like me nothing really fazes you. 

Okay so we arrived on Friday night and as everyone who is human should know, Friday night means it’s time to have fun at the club. We wandered around Lakeshore until we stumbled into this place called Berlin. Everyone was very friendly and let me tell you the beat was bumping. I made new friends because everyone knows I’m a social butterfly. As I stood there things slowly started dawning on me. ‘Hmm, it’s funny that they are only playing Robyn songs,’ I thought to myself as I gracefully twerked onstage. ‘Also this girl is being very friendly she has put her arms around me she must like hugs a lot.’ 

Oh also Tom and Max were there. Who cares though back to me. Okay so I was dancing very fiercely when suddenly my new friends start whispering to each other and looking at me and then they leave kind of abruptly! I mean what the heck is going on. Later I find out that Tom is some kind of demon that has told my new friends that I’m straight. What! Literally I could easily be a lesbian; Willow is my favorite character from Buffy after all.

Ugh speaking of Buffy I really wanted to go to Comic Con which was happening this weekend but Tom was too afraid that I would run off with Spike aka James Marsters, which is an understandable worry. Bad boys are always in love with me because I am a bad girl. (◡‿◡✿)

The rest of the trip we went shopping a lot. Shopping is excellent for fitness because of all the walking. HAHA this is kind of sad but all I bought the whole time I was in Chicago was a crop top from American Apparel. I really wanted this Cleaners from Venus LP but I don’t know why I didn’t get it, probably because I don’t like carrying stuff around, a metaphor for my carefree lifestyle.

We ate a lot of really great things. I really love Forever Yogurt, it is the best froyo place and I would know since I’ve been to pretty much all of them. Also froyo is very healthy! We went to Pequods for pizza. It was the best pizza of my young kawaii life. :’) 

That pretty much sums up my weekend it was a great trip.

Heheh I made a workout playlist you will love it so much!

♥, jasmine

Jul 18

༼( ‾ ◞ ‾ ༽༽

WOW bonjour it has been a lil while since my last post. Anyways I hope the wait is worth it. Yesterday I played laser tag at the local Zap Zone with some friends it was so fun. 

I don’t want to brag too much but literally I’m the best at laser tag. Okay not technically the best because I came in 3rd but I’m #1 in everyone’s heart. Also 3rd is much better than 11th and of course Tom was 11th he is a very poor laser tag player and kept trying to shoot me because we were on opposing teams but I kind of laughed because he is harmless like a mouse and I am strong like a lion. I swatted him like he was a pesky fly and he actually cried in the middle of the game, just started sobbing like wow calm down Tom. “It’s not fair that you are better at everything,” he wept like a small child who had gotten his toys taken away. “You are my Queen. Also can I buy you an ice cream I’m obsessed with you, you’re so cool and beautiful and good at fitness.” Haha okay Tom but just keep playing this is war and you have to keep up sorry I am so great. 

Also laser tag is like the best thing for fitness. I got an endorphin rush from aiming lasers at my enemies aka everyone on the red team because of course I was on the blue team with my ladies Maggie and Angela. Literally I would be NOTHING without my ladies they give me the strength to do fitness. Also it’s important to have strategies I hit the red base 3 times and totally swiped this family a bunch of times it was just a dad and his elementary school children but heh, all is fair in war and laser tag, sOrRy. (¬‿¬) Well technically there are rules in laser tag and pretty much I broke every one but yolo as the kids say. 

I fell asleep watching Buffy the Vampire slayer and the next post I do will be about Buffy because exorcise and exercise are basically the same thing; also I will include a playlist. So stayed tuned for more fitness tips.

♥, jasmine

Jun 23

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Oh my cuteness! ヽ(*・ω・)ノ What an action-packed fitness day I had. Today was a big day because it is the quarterfinals for the Euro 2012 cup. I woke up at 1 pm, because sleep is essential. Without sleep we can’t rest our bodies, and without our bodies, we wouldn’t have health, because we wouldn’t have life. 

Anyway I woke up to return a cap even though I’m pretty sure there is a rule that if you take someone’s hat, it belongs to you. I didn’t want to be a bad sport though, so I gamely returned it. On the way there, I came across a complimentary BBQ happening at Babo’s, which is this really pretentious market by my house. Sometimes I go there to buy candy or sodas, but not much else, because although I am rich in friends and cuteness, I am poor, financially. My dad asked me what I would do if he died and I said IDK and he said how about you get a job and I laughed. Oh, Dad. AS IF. He is so funny sometimes! Anyway I’m pretty sure the meat-cooker at Babo had a crush on me because he made me try one of everything and then left to get me water with ice cubes. It is nice, being loved. 

The crux of this message is about the Spain team so I am going to transition into talking about that. Tha qt Sian and I traipsed to Buffalo Wild Wings to enjoy a light snack of 24 wings and the Spain vs. France game. Sian was quietly rooting for France because she is a Francophile although the only kind anyone should ever be is a James Francophile, in my proud opinion. These are the kind of wings we ate: Asian Zing, Parmesan Garlic, Caribbean Jerk, Thai Curry, Medium, and either Sweet BBQ or Honey BBQ, I forgot. :3 

Okay let’s be honest: boys are HOT. Well not all of them. Actually very few of them, I am notoriously picky if you view my OKcupid profile you will see that I very rarely reply. But most guys that play soccer professionally, I would hold hands with. I can’t wait to marry Fernando Torres someday. Having a crush burns many calories because it accelerates your heart rate. ♡o。.(✿ฺ。 ✿ฺ) I don’t even like or trust blonde men based on principle but I think I am going to start getting back into them. Anyway, here is a spoiler—Spain won! They beat France 1:0 sorry froggies! Not to be racially insensitive it is just really fun to call people froggies. 

Below is a pic of my handsome future husband. 

♥, jasmine

Jun 13


Ew, me and Sian and Allie and Shannon went to the Michigan state capitol yesterday to protest this ridiculous bill that is passing that would put women’s rights in retrograde. Limiting women’s rights is NOT kawaii, you guys. We need our bodies for fitness and health and the government shouldn’t be allowed to interfere with our reproductive rights or having any say on what we do with our own bodies. You can read more about the clauses of the bill here, here, and here; (esp. the last one). Here are some words on this from Gretchen Whitmer, the Senate Democratic Leader:

This legislation would criminalize all abortions after 20 weeks with no regard for the health of the mother and no exceptions allowed in cases of rape or incest. The bill would force women’s clinics to provide unnecessary and unhelpful services to women in an effort to drive up the costs for clinics and put them out of business. In short, it’s legislation that, should it actually become law, would effectively eliminate access to affordable and lifesaving health services for thousands of women across Michigan.

Ugh. Like really??? :( I feel really sad abt this. Usually I’m only sad when I’m listening to Red House Painters or Galaxie 500 or Confessions Part II or something but this makes me even sadder. Especially since we were *explicitly* told that house reps weren’t going to vote on anything yesterday and yet I find out that all the bills are passing via a lil internet sleuthing. It is tragic that despite all the hand-clapping and chanting we did (which is gr8 for fitness, btw) some people i.e. ~old white republicans~ are still going to pull some rly fucked up shit. HI HATERS HAVE A TERRIBLE DAY.

Below is a pic that I got from Joan Bauer, the Lansing house rep, that she took of us during the protest yesterday. Guys I am really devastated but we should continue to fight for our rights because they are everything we have.

♥, jasmine

Jun 10


Mmmhm, hi there. I’m lying in bed pretending to be dead because it’s so hot out and also because yesterday I had a kawaii goth party. ^____^  Haha oh my god I am facebook stalking someone right now. We both had a crush on the same person but he liked me of course.

Anyhoo the party was sponsored by Joseph Xu Photography and he generously contributed all the alcohol which was so qt of him. I got some light margaritas (95 calories per serving <3) for the ladies because after all I am a fitness guru and need to think about health. When you have health, you also want your friends to get it so that you can walk around as a beautiful untouchable posse. Also! The punch had sugar free redbull and diet soda because I truly love my guests and want them to stay healthy. 

Wow I just looked over and Luna was gazing at me with the most eloquent expression. I know he loves me and that this is forever. There is no fitness without love. 

Below is a pic Joe took outside Party City when we were getting decorations. 

♥, jasmine

Jun 2


Hi wow you look very cute today! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while I have been very busy eating, sleeping, etc. I had a crazy fun day today and here is my story I will tell it to you.

I woke up feeling beautiful, as always. I set my alarm super early even though it is a Saturday and you know that means the night before I was surely dancing at the club. Dancing, as you may know, is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Not only do you get a great workout, but you can wear cute clothes and flirt with people, which improves social skills. (◕‿◕✿)

I woke up early to go thrifting at Kiwanis. If you read their site you will see that they serve the children of our community. :3 I really like kids but I’m not ready to settle down or anything. I mean, hello! I love to dance and anyways I am too young for that stuff. I mean it is cool if you are young and have children but I would consider myself a free spirit after all I own tons of chiffon skirts. Maybe down the road, I will think about it, but for now I can’t even. But my firstborn will be called Theodore Xavier and he will go to private school. Anyhow I went to Kiwanis at 9 AM (nine in the morning) with Tom and it was great there were three floors of stuff! Walking around the store, I felt my spirits lifting and because I moved my feet a lot, I felt my fitness improving. 

For lunch, we all went to Asia City. Heh, their website has goofy music.

Then after lunch we went to silver lake. It was me, Tom, Sian, Ellen, Clara. If you want, you can meditate at a lake, which is really a nice thing in my opinion. I was casually reading Day of the Locust while drinking prosecco. Everyone was being cute and happy except for Tom but at least he seemed happy. 

Oh my god, can you believe we went to Dairy Queen??? I love strawberry cheesequakes! 

It was a great day. I made dinner with Sian and Clara at Clara’s parents’ house. To be really honest I didn’t help at all I just watched them prepare it while I surfed the internet. Hohoho.

Below is a picture of everyone at Asia City. 

♥, jasmine

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