May 4


I went on a walk today. :3 Me and Sian walked to her parents’ house from our apartment to pick up her car. I was wearing ballet flats but she smartly paired her outfit with sneakers. Sneakers can help increase fitness potential because they are easier to walk in. Also some sneakers are really cute! I want to get a pair of Tretorn's because they are practical and also because Jane Birkin used to wear them. Tres chic, n'est pas?? 

All right. After we picked up her car we got Kristyn and we went to my favorite Thai restaurant which is weirdly located inside this sketchy hotel where a lot of teens go post-prom. I ate a lot of food which is okay! I had a salad for lunch. Anyways my dinner was basically mushrooms and shrimp. Dripped in oyster sauce, but who cares yolo.

THEN we went to see Titantic 3D. This was kind of a disaster because it took forever to set up and looked straight ripped from like megaupload or something (r.i.p :/) and also right when Jack was dying (SPOILER) the sound cut off completely and when they restarted it a weird pirate commercial was playing?! Anyways I was just about to cry because Leo looked so beautiful in ‘97 and the theatre totally RUINED our experience so we get free tickets to whatever show we want! So if you wanted to take me out on movie date you wouldn’t even have to pay for my ticket. But you should buy me snacks from the concession stand to be polite.

You’re probably wondering what any of this has to do with fitness! Well fitness is a part of life and this is my life. Anyways later at midnight we got bubble teas. I got a taro light milk tea w/ black bubbles because that’s the best thing to get, also light milk tea has fewer calories which improves fitness. 

I couldn’t really find an appropriate picture to encapsulate today so I just picked a recent one of me and my friend Clara dancing in my kitchen and high fiving before she left for Germany. Auf wiedersehen cuties; I am tired.

♥, jasmine